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How To Back Up Your


As a matter of fact, there are many threats facing the data in your computer. For instance, your computer might be stolen, infected with viruses or it could crash. Although you cannot totally prevent these events from taking place, there is something you can do so as to avoid losing your data – backing it up. There are several data backup options available for you; each option has many advantages and a few drawbacks. For maximum security, we recommend that you utilize several options to back up your data, so that if one option fails, the other option works. The purpose of this article is to give you information on how to back up your data using the latest methods. USB Drive Storage This is one of the cheapest, most convenient ways to back up your data. This is because USB drives are cheap and readily available in just about any computer or electronics store. They are also available in different disk sizes, so you can purchase the one that suits your needs. Furthermore, USB drives are very portable owing to their small size. On the other hand, the small size of USB drives makes them very easy to misplace. Therefore, you ought to be careful with the way you handle your USB drive, so as to avoid losing it. The other drawback has something to do with disk size. Unfortunately, there is a limit to their storage space – it is much smaller compared to that of your computer’s hard disk. External Hard Disk These are drives just like your computer’s hard disk, the only difference being that they are not inside the computer; you can plug or unplug them from your computer. However, it would be better to keep them unplugged from your computer if you intend to use them for data backup. This will ensure that they are not corrupted by any viruses your computer might have. The good thing about external hard drives is that they have a lot of storage space; just as much as that of your computer’s internal hard disk. However, they are vulnerable to viruses if you keep them plugged into your computer. As we have observed, it would be better to keep them disconnected, in order to protect them from viruses. Time Machine This is software available for use by MacOS users; it automatically backs up your files to external hard drives. The good thing with this backup method is that it is automatic; all you have to do is set up backup intervals. Furthermore, it backs up all your files as long as there is enough storage space on the external hard drive. The shortcomings of the time machine include its high cost and the fact that it is available for MacOS users only. Cloud Storage This is storage whereby your data is kept safe by remote servers. There are numerous cloud storage servers, ranging from Google Drive to Dropbox to OneDrive; the list is endless. Furthermore, there are various options available for you, with some being free and others requiring some fees in exchange for some added advantages. The good thing about cloud storage is that it can be performed automatically. On the other hand, it requires an Internet connection to work. Conclusion We hope that by now you feel more secure. If you know of any other ways on how to back up your data, feel free to let us know.
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