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How To Prevent Email


According to a recent survey, the average person receives about 110 unwanted emails per day. Although spam has become an annoying part of life, there are still ways to reduce the likelihood of worthless emails clogging up the inbox. Since spammers are continuously looking out for change of tactics, elimination of 100 % junk mail is surely not a possibility. However, there are trusted and strong methods on how to prevent email spam. Disposable e-mail address to avoid unwanted e-mails The use of personal or business e-mail address anywhere in the web puts them at a high risk of being spotted by spammers. The disposable e-mail account can prove to be very handy while dealing in e-commerce activities. The personal and business accounts will eventually be hidden from potential spammers – absorbing the junk and keeping the other two accounts safe and clean. Even the strategy of deleting legacy copy from e- mails prevents spammers from accessing accounts. Encrypting the current e-mail address Use of encryption tools is yet another way to maintain the privacy of an e- mail account. MacMail with GPG tool, Outlook with GPG4Win, Thunderbird with Enigmail helps in the encryption of an existing e-mail address and also offer a range of security enhancements. However, the tools can be handled only by a technical expert. Safeguarding e-mail address No doubt, commenting on Twitter and blogs is always fun, but revealing too much personal information can result in unwanted emails. Even if spammers cannot directly ask for cash, but they can earn money by giving out lists of live e-mail addresses. So, if an account is on such a list, the number of junk email will surely sky rocket. In such cases, reporting the spam to concerned authorities and even to Internet Service Provider can be of immense help. Spammers sometimes use an "unsubscribe" link and clicking on the link ensures that the email address is valid – attracting more spam. So, clicking any button may invite a lot of unwanted mails. Although spam filtering technology has become more advanced in recent years, spammers have the ability to fool the filters. This is why it has become important to restrict the distribution of personal and business email accounts only to close friends, family and work mates. An email address that cannot be scanned Providing contact information in a creative way can go a long way in avoiding spam. There are alternative ways of displaying email addresses that make it difficult for spammers to access it. Techniques such as the use of image picture of an email address can dynamically construct the visibility of a mail account. Blocking images Even if no links are linked, an image that opens in an email account can send an alert to spammers. Surprisingly, the image can be as small as a pixel. So, blocking all images in an email application can drastically reduce spam. There are a number of corporations and organizations that already have a robust and existing image filter. Taking help from the IT staff on how to prevent email spam and learning to operate the files effectively will help reducing junk mail.
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